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Granoffin 8 oz. Gell Jar


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Product Information

Granoffin® is a topically applied product that contains a naturally found substance. It has benefited patients who have granuloma annulare, necrobiosis lipoidica and necrobiosis lipoldica diabeticorum. These are diseases that share the same characteristics of degeneration of the elastic and connective tissue of the skin, especially its collagen. The lesions can be disfiguring and the latter two diseases lead to localized cutaneous thinning and discoloration. A variety of treatments have been used for these disorders but none have been appreciatively effective. Injected corticosteroids have been considered to be the most effective treatment modality for glanuloma annulare. However, these localized injections are expensive, painful and lead to the unwanted side effects of skin thinning, fragility and the development of enlarged veins in the treated area. Furthermore, the skin lesions do not completely resolve.

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