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 Sjogren's Syndrome
Renal Dialysis
 Dry Nose & Skin
 Granuloma Annulare

   ... the news is a soothing saline nasal spray Na-Zone® a moisturizing lotion called Derm-Apply® and a soothing gell Granoffin® which have helped so many.

... don't take our word for it:
...thank you for your wonderful products.  Your NA-ZONE® has made a big difference with my sinuses.  Your DERM-APPLY® is equally wonderful, has many uses and is also economical.
Mary Ellen Brennan.
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... then one day I tried NA-Zone® Sterile Saline Nasal Spray and the quality of my life improved forever.
Sylvia Solano

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 DERM-APPLY®  is a hydrophilic lotion formulated to the consistency of skim milk.
 DERM-APPLY® is hydrophilic (yes... it holds water)
 It is highly concentrated, non-greasy & easy to apply in it's liquid form
 DERM-APPLY® should be used on damp skin or scalp. A few drops satisfactorily covers a large area, making is very economical
 Can be applied to any skin area and scalp
 Itching may be relieved
 People on renal dialysis obtain relief from their severe dry, itchy skin disease (Uremic Pruritis)
 People with hives, eczema, psoriasis, scleroderma have benefited from DERM-APPLY's moisturizing and anti-itch effects

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NA-ZONE® is the only sterile saline nose spray available.

 Formulated to the exact pH & salinity of normal nasal secretions
Two ounce oval, easy-to-squeeze, spray bottle

Shortly after we introduced NA-ZONE® the president of the local SSF support group told us that "NA-ZONE® is the least irritating and most soothing of the 15 other saline sprays she had tried for relief from her Sicca Syndrome."

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Granoffin® is formulated to help diabetics and others who suffer from granuloma annulare, necrobiosis lipoidica or necrobiosis lipoldica diabeticorum. 

 Available in 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 Oz.jars, Granoffin has been shown to help reduce the size and discomfort.

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Many patients with Sjogren's Syndrome find DERM-APPLY®, NA-ZONE® and Granoffin® very beneficial. In fact many doctors, hospitals and clinics use and recommend them. If your doctor (clinic, hospital, etc.) is not familiar with these excellent products, show them this web site, or have them call us at 815-236-2710 or have them send us e-mail us at info@snuva.com

Derm-Apply®, NA-ZONE® and Snuva® are Registered Trade Marks of Snuva, Incorporated.




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